Henan Mobile: 5G Smart Tourism Based on AM-PCF Wins 2nd Prize of 6th "Bloom Cup"

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Update time : 2023-11-23 12:02:53
Recently, the "5G Smart Tourism Based on AM-PCF Solution " project was declared by China Mobile Communications Group Henan Branch, Zhengzhou Branch, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., Henan Yinji International Tourism Resort Management Co., Ltd. and China Mobile Internet of Things Co., Ltd. In the 6th "Bloom Cup" 5G Application Competition 5G Evolution Technology Special Competition final, successfully won the second prize.
With the arrival of the post-epidemic era, the tourism industry has ushered in a "new spring". However, while the industry is developing rapidly, it has also encountered new challenges: how can communications be comprehensively guaranteed in the high-density personnel area represented by scenic spots? Take Henan Yinji International Tourist Resort Management Co., Ltd as an example. The number of tourists in the park has increased sharply, with a single-day peak of more than 80,000, causing serious network congestion that seriously affects the mobile Internet access experience of tourists. In addition, there are nearly 1,000 terminals, 100 devices, and dozens of applications in the park, which pose a huge demand for networks.
Based on the analysis of business customers' pain points and 5G network characteristics, Henan Mobile Zhengzhou Branch, together with Huawei and other industry partners, provides 5G networks with enhanced access management and policy control functions (AM-PCF) in the visited area to preferentially access 4.9G networks. It also provides network stability assurance for HD live broadcast, including 90 live broadcast channels 5G ultra-HD mobile phone live broadcast diversion, and 230 5G public network intercom terminals without blind spots intelligent scheduling.
On this basis, Zhengzhou Branch of Henan Mobile has built a silver-based dual-band 5G private network, enabled N applications, and intelligent scheduling for key customers, building a new benchmark for smart scenic spots.
Based on the inter-frequency networking policy of 2.6 GHz and 4.9 GHz bands, the AM-PCF is used to mark key users on the core network side. In this way, key users can be accurately migrated within specified areas, differentiated Internet access experience is achieved, 5G networks are smarter, and technological innovation is achieved. Through the different needs of individual users, scenic spots, and operators. Form the same-network dual-frequency, dedicated network, precise, and differentiated marketing, and finally achieve win-win brand, value, and demand, and realize marketing service model innovation.
The award-winning "5G Smart Tourism Based on AM-PCF Solution " project is a benchmark project for 5G enablement of new businesses, with strong innovation and good replication. In the future, China Mobile will work with industry partners such as Huawei to actively explore new business forms and new ways to play, provide more digital solutions for the cultural and tourism industry, and make people truly feel the efficiency and convenience brought by 5G to social life.

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