5G technical support! China Unicom helps Gree build a 5G+ smart factory

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Update time : 2023-11-23 12:04:37
China Unicom helped Gree build a 5G+ smart factory, which improved management efficiency by more than 10%, increased operation accuracy by 30%, reduced response time of the control and dispatch system by 50%, and saved more than 15 million yuan in annual production costs. "Recently, at the "5G Industry Application Large-scale Development Conference", the staff excitedly introduced to the guests the practical results of China Unicom's 5G+ Industrial Internet Demonstration Production Line "Gree 5G+ Smart Factory". In the speech session of the conference, this case was used as The benchmarking project showed the bright development prospects of the world-class "black light factory" to guests from all walks of life.
Technology promotes traditional production lines to full of vitality
Walking into the K3106 production line of Gree Electric's final assembly workshop, you can see that modern advanced technologies such as 5G and AI are fully integrated into the production scene: with the blessing of China Unicom's technology, equipment and systems have realized 5G connections. On the big screen, the virtual simulation of the entire production line realizes the digitization of the entire process from product design, production planning to manufacturing execution; on the production line, Gree’s self-developed robot replaces traditional manual labor to complete various quality inspection procedures with high quality, and the production line workers process Comparison of action specifications efficiently improves process optimization; in the workshop channel, AGV navigation vehicles and intelligent electronic warehouses realize intelligent scheduling and precise distribution... The vitality of the traditional production line is the innovative result of China Unicom and Gree's vigorous promotion of 5G application technology . China Unicom adopts the "5G+MEC+SA slice" model to build a high-quality 5G industry virtual private network for Gree. It has built 9 sets of 5G macro stations and 167 PRRUs in its headquarters park, covering R&D, design, and manufacturing. , Logistics scheduling, operation management, over 15 5G integrated innovative applications in 4 categories.
5G+AI vision: The 5G+AI vision technology is used in the quality inspection link that traditionally relies on manual operations, combined with the self-developed robotic arm, to achieve rapid detection, automatic parameter retrieval, and intelligent determination of results. It has been applied to the appearance of air conditioners, packaging, More than 10 inspection links including compressor line sequence and automatic electrical safety have saved over 1.2 million yuan in quality inspection costs each year. In order to standardize and optimize the processing actions of workers, China Unicom uses 5G+AI+ big data technology to conduct real-time standard comparison and rapid analysis of processing actions, and promote the optimization and upgrading of production line technology under big data analysis, shortening the production line transformation cycle by 2 days above.
5G cloud-based AGV: In the past, AGVs often shut down due to network instability in the WiFi scenario. After applying 5G+AGV technology, the 5G integrated dispatch system is used to realize route planning, vehicle management, and traffic management intelligence, and 100% first-in, first-out storage of goods , The warehouse automation rate is increased to 60%, and the annual operating cost is reduced by 1 million yuan.
5G paperless first inspection: The traditional first inspection operation uses worker's transcript inspection, which is prone to errors, difficult to trace, and low efficiency. After using 5G smart terminals to build an autonomous first inspection system, the first inspection file of over 200M can be opened within 1-2 seconds, the job information is synchronized online in real time, and the accuracy of the first inspection is increased to 100%, reducing the cost of consumables by 1.5 million yuan each year.
5G intelligent warehousing: In order to change the traditional warehouse operation mode of "people looking for goods", the factory uses 5G logistics robots and integrates MES to create a highly flexible intelligent warehousing system. In the operations of replenishment and storage, picking out of the warehouse, and inventory management, the robots are real-time Accurate material retrieval, efficient storage and exit, 100% first-in-first-out cargo turnover, saving an average of 1 million yuan in unused material costs per warehouse.
5G equipment monitoring platform: The traditional factory intranet is mainly based on Wifi, old Cat 5 cables, and optical fibers. The wiring is complicated, the deployment and adjustment cycle is long, and the inspection is difficult. The transformed intranet uses 5G to monitor the operation status of complex industrial equipment The production big data is collected in real time, efficiently returned, and online analyzed, and the entire process from product design, production planning to manufacturing execution is digitized through the simulation production system. The workshop equipment networking rate exceeded 85%, and the equipment operation and maintenance efficiency increased by over 25%.
Promote the high-quality innovative development of the smart manufacturing industry
In April 2021, China Unicom and Gree joined hands to take the lead in breaking through the first domestic manufacturing field of 5G end-to-end hard slicing and officially commercialized it. 5G has officially moved from high-speed to "dedicated high-speed". Using wireless RB resource reservation, bearer network FlexE, customer-specific UPF end-to-end hard isolation technology, successfully realized the 5G terminal to the enterprise intranet delay from the original 20 milliseconds to 9 milliseconds, a 55% reduction. With the enterprise-level slice management platform independently developed by China Unicom, the self-management, self-configuration, and self-service of the 5G private network are realized, effectively ensuring the independence and stability of the park business.
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In recent years, China Unicom has taken the leadership of 5G innovation practice as its mission, has continuously promoted the deep integration of 5G, accelerated the improvement of advanced technologies such as digital twins, big data, artificial intelligence, and edge computing, and created a world-class factory with data-driven production lines and flexible equipment switching. Together they have promoted the high-quality and innovative development of Chinese manufacturing.

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