China Unicom's 5G Multi-Campus Private Network Scoops Best Service Innovation Award

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Update time : 2023-11-23 12:00:24
At the 8th 5G Core Summit, hosted by Informa Tech in Istanbul, Türkiye, China Unicom's 5G Multi-Campus Private Network received the Best Service Innovation award. This award showcases the strength of China Unicom in 5G industry innovation and the high recognition of the achievements on their 5G Industry Private Network PLUS product series.
During the course of this year, China Unicom has upgraded the series to 3.0, promoted 5G technology evolution and innovation, accelerated digital transformation and the upgrade of diverse industries, built more than 26,000 5G application commercial projects, and provided services for more than 7000 5G industry virtual private network enterprises. Focusing on new technologies such as 5G RedCap, passive IoT, integrated sensing and communication, and 5G LAN, China Unicom has created a number of benchmark projects to continuously expand new space for 5G development.
China Unicom's 5G Multi-Campus Private Network solution is based on 5GtoB One Cloud, and has pioneered the public and private UDMs+customized 5GC multi-campus private network architecture. This architecture delivers advantages such as unified construction, access, O&M, and innovation, making it easier to scale up 5G application from a single campus to multiple campuses. China Unicom and Huawei have successfully deployed the Multi-Campus Private Network solution for multiple enterprises, such as Zhejiang Jushi and State Grid Shandong, helping significantly reduce costs and improve efficiency.
The awarding committee of the 5G Core Summit believes that China Unicom's Multi-Campus Private Network solution perfectly strikes a balance between independent management of enterprises and intensive operations of operators, fully utilizing operators' advantages in wide-domain coverage and professional device O&M capabilities. In addition, it helps expose secure and reliable network capability and also provides panoramic visualized management tools for large enterprises, which achieves the best service solution innovation.
China Unicom adheres to open cooperation and ecosystem innovation to create win-win situations for partners. China Unicom has been devoting efforts in the convergence and innovation with the government, industry, academia, research institutes, and users. With industry alliances and joint labs as the link, China Unicom will continue to boost the in-depth development of the industry ecosystem, promote 5G applications, enable thousands of industries, and march towards a better intelligent world.

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