Total PON Equipment Revenue up 27 Percent Y/Y, Marking Tenth Consecutive Quarter of Y/Y Revenue Growth

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Update time : 2022-12-09 15:06:31
“Thanks to a robust competitive environment and ongoing subsidization efforts, investments in new fiber broadband networks and equipment continue to grow,” said Jeff Heynen, Vice President with Dell’Oro Group. “It will be interesting to see if this momentum and resilience will carry into the fourth quarter and 2023, given the macroeconomic headwinds,” explained Heynen.

Additional highlights from the 3Q 2022 Broadband Access and Home Networking quarterly report:

Total XGS-PON ONT unit shipments exceeded 1 M for the second straight quarter, reaching 1.5 M worldwide.
Total cable access concentrator revenue was flat Y/Y at $259 M. Remote PHY devices and remote OLTs both reached record levels in the quarter, as cable operators continue to expand their DAA and fiber initiatives.
Total cable CPE units increased 5 percent Y/Y, as vendors were once again able to fulfill orders that had been backlogged for multiple quarters. Total revenue was up 9 percent Y/Y as higher-end DOCSIS 3.1 gatways are the percentage of total unit shipments.

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