Shanghai Has Built Over 72,000 5G Macro Base Stations

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Update time : 2023-07-03 11:21:25
On June 28th, at the 2023 Shanghai Mobile World Congress, Deputy Mayor of Shanghai, Li Zheng, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech.
He stated that in recent years, Shanghai has actively implemented national requirements, proactively seized the new trends brought by the digital age, and seized the opportunities of the new generation of information technology revolution. Significant progress has been made in promoting the construction of digital information infrastructure. Shanghai has accumulated over 72,000 outdoor 5G base stations and 310,000 indoor small stations, promoted about 900 "dual-gigabit" innovative applications, and created the country's first public artificial intelligence computing power service platform.
Currently, Shanghai is taking industrial digitization and green low-carbon transformation as its guide, vigorously promoting breakthroughs in three leading industries, deepening and upgrading six key industrial clusters, accelerating the expansion of four competitive industries, and laying out future-oriented development in five major industries. It is accelerating the construction of a modern industrial system with the structure of "2+3+6+4+5" and focusing on enhancing the development path of industries to continuously enhance the city's core competitiveness.
Li Zheng stated that Shanghai will comprehensively deepen urban digital transformation and build a cluster of digital industries. Aiming at the development trend of future smart cities and grasping the connotation requirements of "comprehensive transformation, all-round empowerment, and revolutionary reshaping," Shanghai will continue to consolidate the two basic supports of digital infrastructure and data resources, and focus on promoting digital transformation in the three areas of economy, life, and governance, using large-scale scenarios to foster the development of digital industries.
Shanghai will innovate in building digital infrastructure and solidify the city's data foundation. Based on networks, it will vigorously promote the "dual-gigabit" network coverage of 5G and gigabit optical networks. With data as the core, it will improve the public service platform for intelligent manufacturing information infrastructure, enrich solution and "product supermarket" content. With computing power as the key, it will guide enterprises to actively participate in the strategic construction of artificial intelligence and achieve efficient scheduling of city-level computing resources.
Shanghai will strengthen openness and cooperation to create a new ecosystem of collaborative development. It will promote the new formats, models, and applications empowered by "5G+" in various industries, strengthen technological innovation exploration in areas such as 6G and satellite internet, promote the construction of convenient and smooth regional and international communication facilities, attract data circulation at a regional and even global level, and build an ecosystem of "open innovation and collaborative sharing."

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