RAN Revenues on Track for a Quarter Trillion by 2025

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Update time : 2021-07-22 16:12:00
“The global upswing that began in the second half of 2018 has become deeper and stronger, propelling the overall RAN market to continue to surprise on the upside, “ said Stefan Pongratz, Vice President and analyst with the Dell’Oro Group. “Even with the market surprising on the upside, we believe that there is room for expansion over the near term as the early adopters continue to roll out 5G at an extraordinary pace, resulting in a more upbeat 5-year outlook relative to our last forecast,” continued Pongratz.

Other highlights from the Mobile RAN 5-Year Forecast Report:

The unexpected RAN surge is primarily driven by 5G NR. LTE is roughly on target but 5G NR revenues have accelerated.
5G NR RAN revenues to approach $150 Billion to $200 Billion.
Cumulative 2020-2025 base station shipments remain on track to surpass 30 M.
Global macro and small cell transceiver shipments to approach 0.8 Billion.