Over 700 terminals support CBN 5G

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Update time : 2023-11-01 16:00:58
Recently, at the 2023 China 5G Development Conference hosted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Song Qizhu, Chairman of China Broadcasting Network, shared the development of 5G in CBN over the past few years.
Song Qizhu introduced that CBN is continuously deepening its collaboration with China Mobile and accelerating the construction of a high-quality 5G network that provides strong coverage, sufficient capacity, high speed, and excellent user experience. Currently, there are over 4 million 4G/5G base stations that can be deployed and used, including 700 MHz base stations totaling 590,000, achieving full coverage in towns and above and focusing on key coverage in rural hotspot areas.
At the same time, CBN leverages its differentiation advantages, strengthens top-level design, and has built the world's largest 700 MHz network and a comprehensive 5G co-construction and sharing plan with a unified control plane architecture. CBN has built its own core network, BOSS system, business platform, and network security system, leading the development of 5G NR broadcasting.
CBN fully utilizes the capabilities of the 700 MHz frequency band, strengthens industry collaboration, and accelerates the maturity of 700 MHz chipsets, terminals, and network ecosystems. In this process, standards are leading the way, with CBN taking the lead in formulating the 700 MHz standard in 3GPP and proposing the world's first 5G low-frequency 30 MHz single-carrier wideband technology solution, promoting the adaptation and deployment of technologies such as carrier aggregation, super uplink, 4T4R, and broadcast interference coordination in the 700 MHz network.
Terminals are a key part of the development of the 5G industry ecosystem. CBN, in collaboration with China Mobile, is accelerating the launch of terminals that support 700 MHz 5G, with over 700 models currently supporting CBN 5G networks. In addition, as of the end of September, the support rate for new 700 MHz 5G terminals reached 95%, and the support rate for existing 700 MHz 5G terminals increased rapidly from 5% to 70%.
CBN has also launched the world's first "Super n28" enhanced 700 MHz mobile phone through industry innovation, in collaboration with terminal manufacturers, to enhance the capabilities of the low-frequency band through technological innovation and industrialization. At the same time, comprehensive certification and registration of broadcasting and television terminal products have been initiated to actively promote the healthy and steady development of the CBN 5G terminal industry. End-to-end RedCap technology capability testing with industry partners has been completed, and the industry chain is ready for commercialization.

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