OPPO Chip R&D Center Project Wins Auction for Two Plots of Industrial Land

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Update time : 2023-03-14 11:33:03
The bidding for both lots included a total area of 258,042 ㎡ (about 387 mu), and started at an initial price that exceeded CNY 619 million. The latest media reports suggest that the deal for both plots were eventually sealed by OPPO Chip R&D Center.
As revealed by the government of Dongguan Binhaiwan Bay Area, the OPPO Chip R&D Center Project will be contracted to Dongguan Oppo Telecommunication Technology Co., Ltd. — a wholly-owned subsidiary of Guangdong Oppo Mobile Telecommunication Technology Co., Ltd. — for a pre-agreed investment worth approx. CNY 4.5 billion. The funds will be allocated for the Chip Research and Development Center, the Chip Experiment And Testing Center, the Semiconductor Equipment Research Center, the 5G End-device Research and Development Center, the Artificial Intelligence Research and Development Center, as well as the complementary facilities for meeting day-to-day necessities.
It is noteworthy to point out that the government has set a considerably-high performance bar in tandem with the R&D investment for developing both plots. Specifically, starting from the production year, for an annual R&D investment toward the WT077 plot that accounts for no less than CNY 430 million, at least 53 invention patents must be obtained. Similarly, for the CNY 380 million minimum annual R&D investment towards the WT078 plot, at least 47 invention patents must be obtained.

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