MBBF2023|The 4th Telco Cloud-Native TechTalk Wraps Up with New Momentum

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Update time : 2023-11-10 15:33:21
During the 14th Global Mobile Broadband Forum (MBBF2023), the 4th Telco Cloud-Native TechTalk welcomed more than 50 leaders and luminaries from influential operators, enterprises, and organizations around the world. The talk focused on two topics: "Telco Cloud Strategy Accelerates 5G Business Success" and "Autonomous Network Enables Digital Transformation". At this talk, the participants reached a consensus on the standards, technologies, and direction towards the next stage of Telco Cloud-Native.
GSMA, SAMENA, and Huawei delivered the opening speeches to kick off the talk. While the 5G industry continues to boom and offers great potential, cloud technologies are reshaping the telecom industry, especially in the core network realm. Notably, NFV technologies have been put into large-scale commercial use and have seen remarkable achievements over the past decade. As 5.5G approaches, NFV faces both opportunities and challenges. That is, cloud infrastructure needs to maintain carrier-class stability while introducing intelligent O&M management and enhancing agile automation capabilities. Joint efforts are required to accelerate 5G business success, embrace a more prosperous 5.5G, and move towards the next golden decade of NFV.
Telco Cloud Strategy Accelerates 5G Business Success
Cloud-native telco networks have become indispensable in the digital era. Experts from Telefónica, Telenor, e&, du, and Omdia discussed with Ma Liang, President of Huawei Cloud Core Network Marketing Dept, on how to set the telco cloud strategy to turbocharge 5G business success.
How to continuously leverage the value of cloudification is vital for the future telco cloud, where closer cooperation between upstream and downstream vendors is called for to formulate unified standards so that successful experience can be replicated. In addition, operators' investment in existing NFV networks must be protected while introducing containers. With new technologies emerging, an intelligent core network is on the horizon to meet the diversified requirements brought by 5.5G services and promote the rapid monetization of 5.5G.
Autonomous Networks Enable Digital Transformation of Core Networks
Over the past decade, NFV has achieved great success. For the next decade, autonomous networks will take over the driving seat and safeguard network agility and high stability. ETSI, du, etisalat by e&, MTN, Zain in Bahrain, and Appledore had comprehensive discussions on this topic during the talk.
Autonomous networks pave the way for digital transformation of core networks. Automation and intelligence are pivotal throughout the lifecycle of core networks, covering planning, construction, maintenance, optimization, and operation. To be more specific, the planning and construction phases focus on safeguarding network changes and agile service rollout with Telco Cloud-Native technologies, while proactive prevention and automatic fault rectification are the key to maintaining core networks. When it comes to optimization, both user experience and service SLA assurance call for greater attentions.
Telco Cloud-Native TechTalk is the only techtalk centering on Telco Cloud best practices. It gathers best minds in the industry to map out the evolution direction, fill capability gaps, jointly promote industry development, and enable digital transformation, striding towards an intelligent world.Looking forward to seeing you at the next Telco Cloud-Native TechTalk.

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