Massive MIMO and 5G NR Added Fuel to RAN Momentum

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Update time : 2019-04-30 12:04:00
“The upswing that began in the second half of 2018 extended into 1Q 2019 as market conditions continued to improve fueled by synchronized growth across China, U.S., and Korea to address data traffic growth, low-band LTE coverage expansions, and initial 5G NR deployments,” said Stefan Pongratz, Senior Director with the Dell’Oro Group. “Even though we have not made any material adjustments to the overall short-term outlook, it is worth noting that 5G NR Massive MIMO shipments developed at a faster pace than expected in the quarter while the price points for these 5G NR Massive MIMO systems are trending at lower levels than we had initially projected, changing the upside and downside risks to the short-term forecast,” continued Pongratz.

Following are additional highlights from the 1Q 2019 RAN report:

Huawei and sansung recorded the largest overall RAN revenue share gains Y/Y.
North America and the Asia Pacific regions are projected to lead the RAN market in 2019.
Massive MIMO transceiver shipments expected to eclipse 20 Million in 2019.