Guangdong Province Builds over 320000 5G Base Stations

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Update time : 2024-03-05 14:21:07
Recently, the Guangdong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology released the "2023 Provincial Industrial and Information Technology Development Situation and 2024 Main Work Plan".
According to the Work Plan, by the end of 2023, the province has built over 320000 5G base stations, and 5G networks have achieved basic coverage in major urban and rural areas. It is understood that this data ranks first in the country, with Jiangsu Province ranking second with approximately 240000 5G base stations.
In addition, in terms of digital transformation, Guangdong Province has implemented the industrial cluster digital transformation project, launched the "Entering Ten Rows and Hundred Counties" activity, and promoted the digital transformation of about 5000 industrial enterprises above designated size throughout the year. Shenzhen and Dongguan have been selected as national pilot cities for digital transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises, and 14 provincial-level demonstration cities for digital transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises have been launched. Accelerate the development of intelligent manufacturing, with one out of every three industrial robots in China being made in Guangdong.
Looking ahead to 2024, Guangdong Province is looking forward to laying out future industries with both disruptive functions and broad market demand. With a sense of urgency that cannot be ignored, Guangdong Province will accelerate the implementation of the five future industry cluster action plans, including future electronic information, future intelligent equipment, future life and health, future materials, and future green and low-carbon industries. Guangdong Province will adopt a parallel exploration method of multiple technological routes in fields such as 6G, artificial intelligence, low altitude economy, quantum technology, and life sciences to seize the technological high ground, play a good first mover, and build a new engine for Guangdong's industry. Guangdong Province will attach great importance to the utilization of artificial intelligence, formulate the Implementation Plan of Guangdong Province on Vigorously Developing the General Artificial Intelligence Industry to Empower Thousand Rows and Hundred Industries, expand the application scenarios of Thousand Rows and Hundred Industries, and build an innovative leading place for the artificial intelligence industry; At the same time, Guangdong Province need to accelerate the integration of artificial intelligence into various fields and links of the manufacturing industry, making it an important engine driving new industrialization.
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