Cisco Remains Overall SASE Leader But Zscaler Close Behind

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Update time : 2023-03-23 11:41:22
“For the third consecutive year, SASE revenue growth topped 30 percent as the pandemic-fueled need to modernize the network and security architecture for branch offices and hybrid users continued,” said Mauricio Sanchez, Research Director, Network Security, and SASE & SD-WAN at Dell’Oro Group. “Single-vendor SASE solutions grew faster as a reflection of greater enterprise preference for one-stop-shop versus multi-vendor best-of-breed,” added Sanchez.
Additional highlights from the 4Q 2022 SASE & SD-WAN Quarterly Report for full-year 2022:
The top 3 overall SASE vendors by revenue were Cisco, Zscaler, and Broadcom/Symantec, and together they represented just over 40 percent of the market.
The networking portion of SASE (SD-WAN) saw revenue climb 30 percent Y/Y as enterprise shift from access routing to SD-WAN solutions increased and supply chains for hardware substantially improved.
The top 3 SD-WAN vendors by revenue were Cisco, Fortinet, and VMware, and together they represented nearly half of the market.
The security portion of SASE (SSE – Security Service Edge) experienced 38 percent growth Y/Y as a result of enterprises’ embrace of cloud-delivered network security to secure cloud-based applications and user’s access to those applications.
On a technology basis, SSEs represented nearly 60 percent of the SASE market by revenue. The remainder, 40 percent, was SD-WAN.
Single-vendor SASE was 45 percent of the overall SASE market.
The top 3 single-vendor SASE vendors by revenue were Cisco, Fortinet, and Palo Alto Networks.
Disaggregated SASE revenue was much greater than unified SASE, but the growth rate for unified was far higher.
The top 3 unified SASE vendors by revenue were Versa Networks, VMware, and Cato Networks.

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