Cisco Gained More than Five Points of Revenue Share During the Quarter

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Update time : 2022-12-17 13:21:28
“With such a strong performance for the first nine months of the year, the market is on track to achieve strong double-digit growth in 2022. Although 2022 is coming above expectations, we have not changed our forecast for 2023 and still predict a low-single-digit growth in the market. This growth will be fueled by near-record backlog levels reported by most manufacturers. Nevertheless, as the 2023 year progresses and backlog starts to normalize, macro-economic headwinds may start to suppress market performance,” added Boujelbene.

Additional highlights from the 3Q 2022 Ethernet Switch – Campus Report:

As supply remains tight, market share shifts are and will remain subject to wild quarterly variations that may not be necessarily reflective of competitive displacements, but rather the timing of shipments.
Huawei retained the leading revenue position in China, for the second consecutive quarter after being displaced by H3C in 1Q 2022.
5/5.0 Gbps ports were up more than 40 percent Y/Y, marking the second consecutive quarter of strong double-digit growth. What was interesting this quarter was that growth was diversified across various vendors, unlike prior quarters when Cisco used to drive more than two-thirds of the shipments in this segment.

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