China Telecom: Supporting Terminal Manufacturers to Launch Direct Satellite Flagship Models

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Update time : 2023-11-11 16:38:59
On November 9th, during the "China Telecom 2023 Digital Technology Ecology Conference" and the "2023 China Telecom Terminal Ecology Cooperation and the 14th Member Conference of China Telecom Terminal Industry Alliance," Shao Yantao, Deputy General Manager of the Marketing Department of China Telecom Group, introduced the China Telecom 2024 Collaborative Action for Terminal Innovation.
Regarding terminal cooperation, Shao Yantao stated that in 2024, China Telecom will invite partners to jointly create strategic emerging business terminals. They will focus on promoting domestic top smartphone brands to fully support direct satellite connectivity, domestic chip smartphones to fully support quantum secure communication, video surveillance cameras to fully support AI capabilities, domestic top IT companies to fully support cloud computing, and domestic top smartphone brands to fully support 5G enhanced communication. The overall target sales volume for the year is to exceed 80 million units.
Regarding direct satellite connectivity for smartphones, China Telecom supports major domestic smartphone manufacturers to launch direct satellite flagship models, with no less than 5 models to be released by the end of the year. China Telecom will prioritize joint procurement cooperation for direct satellite flagship models, with a procurement volume exceeding 5 million units, and fully integrate them into their own channels for full promotion.
For quantum security, China Telecom invites partners to develop quantum secure smartphones based on core technology self-control. They hope that smartphone manufacturers using domestic chips can fully support and engage in deep cooperation, as well as jointly develop customized applications. China Telecom will also continue to increase sales strategy efforts, jointly expand the industry market, and expand the scale of quantum security business and terminals.
Regarding video surveillance cameras with AI capabilities, in terms of algorithm + ecosystem cooperation, China Telecom's Xinghe Algorithm Supermarket has over 5,000 self-developed, cooperative, and ecosystem algorithms. At the same time, Xinghe AI Big Model has more than 100 partners launching over 30 chip models, with over 100 AI cameras on the market. In terms of technology + terminal cooperation, China Telecom will upgrade to SDK 5.0 in 2024, increase the popularity of intelligent encoding, continue to promote the scale customization of AI cameras, NVRs, and Xinghe Big Model integrated machines, and explore innovations in intelligent robots, health care, and care terminals.
For cloud computer terminals, China Telecom will support more flexible cooperation methods. For all-in-one machines, thin clients, cloud laptops, etc., the focus will be on cloud computer adaptation, providing adaptation environment support, and continuously enriching the market with more cloud terminals. For PCs, laptops, PADs, smart displays, etc., the focus will be on pre-installation cooperation. For partners with strong channel control capabilities, China Telecom will enhance the sales scale of cloud computer business and terminals through joint procurement optimization, channel collaboration, and resource sharing.
To further enhance the 5G user experience, China Telecom will increase the promotion and popularization of 5G messaging and 5G enhanced calling. Regarding 5G messaging, starting from October 1, 2023, all stocked terminals must support it, and in the first half of 2024, China Telecom hopes that terminal manufacturers can launch dual-SIM 5G messaging support and collaborate on innovative integration of 5G messaging services. For 5G enhanced calling, China Telecom will work together with terminal and chip manufacturers to promote interface standardization, and China Telecom will independently develop the SDK.

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