China Telecom Research Institute: Average 5G Download Rate at 340.25Mbps

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Update time : 2023-03-07 17:22:51
China Telecom Research Institute recently released the 2022 Report on 5G Users’ Perception of Internet Service (hereafter referred to as the Report). The Report evaluates the perception of the current 5G network coverage, voice perception, and overall perception of Internet applications.
In terms of 5G network coverage, outdoor 5G coverage has reached 90% (as measured in 2021) for main arteries and high-frequency user scenarios; the coverage for all other scenarios measured in 2022 is significantly improved compared with 2021. High-speed 5G coverage reaches 78%, showing an increase of 56% compared with 2021. Indoor 5G coverage for high-frequency user scenarios reaches 74%, with a 23% improvement over 2021. The average level of 5G coverage along high-speed rail lines is 33%, with a 230% improvement over 2021, reflecting the accelerated construction of the 5G network.
In terms of voice service, the call completion rate of all major scenarios is above 99%, providing good call quality.
With respect to Internet access perception, in addition to high-speed rail, all other scenarios score above 90 for each service. The average 5G upload rate is 57.95Mbps, and the average download rate is 340.25Mbps, which are nearly 5 times and 9 times higher than the levels of the 4G network, respectively. User perceptions such as WeChat picture sending, Tiktok video buffering, and game delay have been significantly improved.

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