CBN: Developing 50 million 5G Users in 3 years

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Update time : 2023-03-08 10:55:27
Mr. Song Qizhu, Chairman of China Broadcast Network (CBN), delivered a keynote speech on the development practice of CBN's green ICT at the Green ICT Development Summit on the eve of MWC2023 in Barcelona, Spain.
Mr. Song said that in six months, CBN’s 5G service has achieved nationwide coverage, and has developed 6.5 million mobile users, with more than 3.65 million 4G/5G and other sites available.
Looking ahead, Mr. Song mentioned that (CBN would strive to) speed up the promotion of network services in an effort to develop 50 million mobile network users in 3 years, to expand the sharing network as well as network sharing of 700MHz 5G stations for a better networking experience; to focus on improving network coverage in remote areas, strengthening the construction of green networks, and supporting the integrated development of 5G, ADLS and dedicated corporate services, etc.; and to accelerate the construction of a nationwide integrated backbone bearer network.

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