ASR Showcases a Wide Range of Chip Products at MWC2024

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Update time : 2024-03-28 14:53:04
With the theme of "Future First," the MWC2024 is being held in Barcelona, and features the participation of nearly 300 Chinese companies showcasing their new products and technology. As a global leading enterprise of comprehensive communication chipset solutions, ASR Microelectronics Co., Ltd. (referred to as "ASR") , made its debut at MWC this year, bringing its rich and comprehensive chip products and module solutions, attracting high attention from attendees.
As one of the hottest topics in cellular IoT technology in recent years, 5G RedCap has become the focus of the industry. Just this month, China Mobile announced the completion of the world's largest, most comprehensive, and most diverse field trial of 5G RedCap. At the same time, many industry experts believe that "2024 will be the commercial year of 5G RedCap". Yang Guang, a senior analyst at Omdia, said in an analysis report that "the Chinese market is key to the success of 5G RedCap." Therefore, it is very critical to seize the development opportunities of 5G RedCap.
ASR has always attached great importance to the 5G and has introduced 5G RedCap chip that comply with the 3GPP specifications based on its long-term experience in the communication industry. 5G RedCap chip ASR1903 was one of ASR’s important exhibits at MWC24. ASR1903 supports the 5G Rel-17 RedCap specification and is a single chip integrating baseband and RF functions, supporting NR SA/LTE cat4 dual-mode. NR supports 20MHz bandwidth and all frequency bands below 6GHz defined by 3GPP, and supports both 256QAM/64QAM modulation schemes in both uplink and downlink, with maximum downlink and uplink speeds reaching 220 Mbps and 121 Mbps respectively. And it supports energy-saving, SUL, e-DRX, URLLC, 5G LAN, network slicing, and small data transmission in terms of network capabilities.
In addition, ASR has conducted live demonstrations with Keysight on the real-time network traffic and IP data transmission of ASR1903, allowing the audience to have a more intuitive understanding and experience of the capabilities of this 5G RedCap chip.
ASR stated that ASR1903 has the characteristics of high cost-effectiveness, low power consumption, low latency, and high transmission rates, and has broad application prospects in wearable devices, smart grid, industrial IoT, secure healthcare devices, connected vehicles, and smart finance.
Smart Wearable Device Chip Products
The COVID-19 pandemic has stimulated the vigorous growth of the global smart wearable market, a trend that continues to this day. According to IDC, worldwide shipments of wearable devices grew 2.6% year over year during the third quarter of 2023 and reached an all-time high for the third quarter of 148.4 million units.
At MWC24, ASR showcased a range of wearable device chip products, such as ASR3602, ASR3603, ASR3607 etc., and all of which feature high performance and low power consumption and have been widely used in smartwatches from numerous renowned brands worldwide, including Xiaoxun, Xiaomi, BoAt, Noise, Space talk, Mobvoi, XiaoDu, Philips, MyPhone, Readboy, Viettel, and many others. Smartwatches equipped with ASR's intelligent chip ASR8601 were also exhibited at MWC24, allowing attendees to directly experience the rich features of these smart wearable devices.
In addition to its leading wearable devices hardware products, ASR also provides a full range of software solutions, including various functionalities and gesture interactions related to health, sleep, exercise etc.
Rich and comprehensive product lines
ASR also exhibited its chip products in LTE Cat.1/Cat.4/Cat.7 and non-cellular IoT chips at MWC24.
According to statistics, ASR has shipped over 250 million LTE Cat.1 IoT chips in total, making it a well-deserved leader in the global LTE Cat.1 chip market. ASR has launched a customized LTE Cat.1 product family, including ASR 1603, ASR 1606, ASR 1602, ASR 1609, etc. to cater the IoT market and customer demands, which are widely used in devices such as data transmission, smart finance, smart industries, asset management, and more.
ASR showcased nearly 50 chips and modules, as well as over 40 terminal products featuring core chips at this exhibition. The applications cover a wide range of fields including consumer electronics, MBB, in-vehicle communication, IPC, financial payments, asset management and so on, fully demonstrating ASR's comprehensive advantages in LTE Cat.1/Cat.4/Cat.7.
Furthermore, in the terms of non-cellular IoT, ASR exhibited the innovative applications of its Bluetooth, LoRa and Wi-Fi chip products in multiple scenarios such as smart homes, smart meters, and smart agriculture and animal husbandry at MWC24. In addition, smartphones equipped with ASR chips also made a splendid appearance at this exhibition. ASR officially entered the smartphone market this year, and it plans to continuously innovate in 4G smartphone chips and timely launch 5G smartphone chips. ASR smartphone chips adopt cutting-edge technology, with broader support for DDR types and significant improvements in ISP image performance.
As a chip company based in China and targeting the global market, ASR's products have passed compatibility certification tests of hundreds of operators worldwide. The appearance at MWC24 has laid a foundation for ASR to further enter the global market and expand its customer base. With its rich product lines and healthy industry cooperation ecosystem, ASR is providing increasingly powerful product support and services to its global customers and playing an increasingly important role in the ecosystem.
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