Accelerating the Construction of "World Optics Valley" in Hubei Province

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Update time : 2023-10-19 15:15:32
On September 21st, the official website of the Hubei Provincial Government released a notice regarding the action plan to accelerate the construction of the "World Optics Valley."
The plan sets forth the goals for building the "World Optics Valley": by 2025, the preliminary manifestation of the global influence of "China Optics Valley" will be achieved. The optoelectronic information industry will further consolidate and enhance its leading and resource-generating positions nationwide. The layout in frontier fields such as quantum technology and artificial intelligence will be basically formed, making it a pioneering force in the construction of the "World Optics Valley" and an important strategic technological power representing the country's participation in global competition. Efforts will be made to achieve the "Five Ones" goals, including the establishment of one national laboratory, the implementation of 100 key core technology breakthroughs, the emergence of one hundred-billion-level technology-leading enterprise, the cultivation of 10,000 high-tech enterprises, and the formation of a trillion-yuan industrial cluster.
By 2035, the "World Optics Valley" will be built with global influence. Leading the comprehensive completion of Wuhan as a nationally influential scientific and technological innovation center, it will become an important pole in the world's innovation map, a landmark of the global optoelectronic information industry, and a world-renowned technological new city that is livable, green, intelligent, and humanistic. Efforts will be made to build the "World Optics Valley" based on optoelectronic information technology, with deep integration of future industries and the economy and society.
The plan points out that the focus should be on national strategies, frontier directions, and market demands, highlighting the industry ecology and race track thinking, and focusing on the "light" field. It aims to consolidate and leverage the leading advantages in core areas such as optical communication and lasers in the optoelectronic industry, with a focus on chip breakthroughs, improving the segmented industrial chain, and forming industrial clusters. Efforts will be made to enhance the security, stability, and competitiveness of the industrial chain and supply chain, make forward-looking plans, accelerate the layout in frontier areas such as silicon photonics integration and optoelectronics integration, and future industrial new race tracks. Explorations in unknown and breakthrough areas and directions are encouraged to create a globally leading optoelectronic information industrial chain with full control over international discourse, forming a world-class industrial cluster matrix with outstanding advantages and internal iteration.
In the field of optical communication, relying on the development foundation of upstream optical fibers and cables and midstream optical chips, modules, and devices, the plan aims to continuously consolidate the global leadership of the optical communication industry. It will enhance the development level of downstream optical communication systems to meet the demands of higher speed, larger capacity, longer distance optical transmission, and larger-scale optical access. The plan aims to establish integrated solution design and implementation capabilities based on independent core technologies and equipment, build an internationally leading innovation and production base for optical communication system equipment, and create a world-class highland for the optical communication industry.

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