A Tsunami of Shipments Expected over the Next Three Quarters

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Update time : 2022-12-14 14:02:18

“We predict that the fourth quarter will be another record, with prices rising for the 6th quarter in a row, and shipment volumes skyrocketing. We’re also making the bold prediction that next year the Enterprise Class Wireless LAN market will break the $10 Billion mark,  two years earlier than we predicted,” added Morgan.

Additional highlights from the 3Q 2022 Wireless LAN Quarterly Report:

  • Wi-Fi 6E volumes are still lagging the adoption rate of the three prior Wi-Fi technologies, while the new 6 GHz ecosystem develops and the industry plans for the arrival of Wi-Fi 7.
  • A shift is underway in China, with Huawei ramping up its Wireless LAN shipments and seeing a drop in unit prices as the company expands to new market segments.
  • Of the major manufacturers based outside China, HPE Aruba and Ubiquiti represented the largest portion – over 75 percent – of unit shipment growth.
  • Arista and Ruijie Networks, two companies each with a small Wireless LAN market share, made bold moves focusing on expansion.
  • Public Cloud managed APs are growing faster than the market and represented 30 percent of Wireless LAN revenues.
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