What is WIFI standard from 0 to 7
This is a detail information list about the WIFI standards.
Different Protocols of POE standard
How many protocols are there for POE?

Different types for different solutions,by the Switch or Module.
4G LTE Route
4G LTE AC1200 solution.
2.5GE Switch Solution
That's a stable connection network with 2.5GE Switch and WIFI 7.
5G CPE solution
5G CPE provides various solutions that solve the problem of outdoor areas and places where transmission media cannot be connected.
10GE POE++ Solution
10GE POE++ (71.3W-90W) connect to higt speed terminal.
Lycom FTTH Solution
A typical solution of Lycom FTTH project.
Telcom & ISP Solution of Lycom
With full experiences of Telcom&ISP project, there are typical cases for your referrence.